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What is Wudang Tai Chi Quan?

     Tai Chi Quan is a gentle exercise, a method of moving meditation, a Martial Arts system and a life philosophy. It originated on Wudang Mountain, China, as an internal Martial Art practiced for self-defense and spiritual cultivation. It has evolved into a part of modern life but still contains the wisdom of the ancient masters.


     As an exercise, Tai Chi builds the mind-body connection with a focus on relaxation, balance, joint health, correct alignment and smart body mechanics through slow, flowing movements and coordinated breathing.


     As a meditation, Tai Chi focuses on fully experiencing and influencing the body's energy flow through movement or in stillness. This energy work is called qigong.


     As a Martial Art, the Tai Chi artist stays in contact with the opponent, tuning in to his or her movements to disrupt attacks with an elegant economy of motion.


     As a life philosophy, Tai Chi is rooted in the concept of yin and yang. The focus is to live in harmony with nature, to be aware of natural energy and to mix that energy in order to reach a high level of physical and spiritual well-being.

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